The Case Against Romney (and Obama)


Foreign Policy

The US Government’s revenue through income taxes in 2011 was about 1.2 trillion dollars. In 2011 we spent 711 billion dollars in military spending. That is 59% of our income. To put that 711 billion into perspective the 2nd largest military spender is China at 143 billion per year. We spend almost 5x more than the next largest spender. In fact, we spend more than the next 20 countries combined. Romney has said that he plans on increasing military spending and a war with Iran is a foregone conclusion because of their “weapons of mass destruction”. Sound familiar? It should, that excuse worked 10 years ago for Iraq which even Alan Greenspan said, “everyone knows the Iraq war was largely about oil.” This foreign policy makes sense seeing as 17 out of Romney’s 24 foreign policy advisors served in the Bush administration.

The popular sentiment with neo-conservative republicans is that our military presence keeps us safe. It is, in fact, the opposite. The CIA has a term called “blowback” that basically means that our actions have consequences and the attacks against us are consequences of our actions. Osama Bin Laden said that a main reason for the 9/11 attacks were due to our military presence in Saudi Arabia. The Iran hostage crisis was in response to our CIA ousting their democratically elected leader and putting in place a monarch under our control in 1953. Our meddling has consequences. People are not willing to fight us and die because they hate America’s freedom. They fight us because we limit theirs.

Military spending is often confused with defense spending and this is done on purpose to confuse people. Politicians use the term defense spending to make it seem like our military spending is for defensive reasons. We have over 700 military bases around the world in over 130 countries. That is not defense spending that is nation building and colonialism. There is no reason why we should still have military bases in Japan and Germany. We are very vulnerable and have no one to defend our own borders. Policing the world is not in our best interest. We spend way too much money on foreign aid and foreign occupation. Empires fall due to over-expansion of their military. Ask the Romans.

Deficit Spending

Paul Ryan’s budget which Romney has basically adopted doesn’t even balance the budget for 28 years. Our credit rating is constantly being downgraded and we are 16 trillion dollars in debt. We cannot continue down this road. Putting a republican in office does not simply solve the problem. Reagan increased the debt by 1.3 trillion dollars. Bush Sr. increased it by 2 trillion; Bush Jr. increased it by 4.5 trillion. For the past 30 years no president, republican or democrat, has not increased the debt. Romney, who will also run a deficit, would be no different. Since 1980 we have gone from under 1 trillion in debt to over 16 trillion. Without drastic measures we are headed for a default. Lowering taxes without cutting spending will increase the deficit and debt.


Monetary Policy

The Federal Reserve is anything but federal or a reserve. It is not a part of our government. It is a private bank that is under no control or oversight by our own government. It is free to create as much or as little money as it deems “necessary”. The Federal Reserve has been printing up trillions of dollars out of thin air just in the past few years.

 Quantitative Easing  (QE) is the process of buying assets from institutions like banks. The problem with this is that the Federal Reserve has no income. They have no way of paying for these assets. They merely create the money for it. The most recent example is called QE3. It began September 13th of this year. Under QE3 the Federal Reserve will buy toxic mortgage securities from banks using money they merely create out of nowhere. This is nothing more than a bank bailout that devalues your money. Pretend there are only 100 dollars in the money supply and that you own 1 dollar. Your dollar is 1% of the money supply. If they create 50 more dollars there are now 150 dollars. Your 1 dollar is now only worth .6% of the money supply. Your dollar has lost its value. The Federal Reserve is currently creating 40 billion dollars per month and buying mortgage securities from banks with no end date. It is indefinite. This means the money supply increases by 40 billion dollars every month. Your dollars are now worth less than they were last month and will be worth even less next month. This is why food is more expensive at the grocery store. Mitt Romney defends this policy and has said that he would have reappointed the Chairman of the Fed Ben Bernanke when his term was up in 2009 after Obama reappointed him.

Mitt Romney has also gone on record defending the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the bank bailouts. His running mate took those views much further by actually voting for these issues in the House of Representatives. 


Personal Liberties

Personal liberties have been greatly diminished since Bush passed the Patriot Act in 2002. Obama has continued these and Mitt Romney supports this as well. Obama and Romney both support the Patriot Act which is anything but patriotic. It allows for warrantless searches and seizure which is in direct conflict of the 4th Amendment. Perhaps the most egregious attack on our freedom has come within the past year. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed by President Obama on New Years Eve of 2011. The fact that it was signed then should raise some red flags in itself. This law provides the ability of the government to indefinitely detain persons who are considered threats to national security including American Citizens. No trial, no charges, no jury. “But I’m not a terrorist” you may say. This doesn’t matter, as long as you are declared an enemy by the government you are fair game. You have no trial or a jury of your peers to prove yourself innocence. You might consider this to be a conspiracy theory but it has already occurred. Brandon Raub, a former marine made some Facebook posts that expressed his beliefs about the wars we are in as well as some “controversial” topics. Brandon was then paid a visit by the FBI and  was “arrested” from his home in handcuffs. No warrant was issued and no charges were filed. Raub was sentenced by a judge to be detained and undergo a psyche evaluation. If it wasn’t for the internet’s outcry and public pressure of this case who knows if Brandon would have been released yet. In a Republican Primary debate earlier this year Mitt Romney said he supports this provision in the bill and would have signed it if he were president. Paul Ryan also voted Yea on extending the Patriot Act as well as voting in support of the indefinite detention clause in the NDAA.

People worry about the 2nd amendment and gun ownership during Obama’s second term. Between Romney and Obama only one has passed anti-gun legislation thus far. That man is Mitt Romney. He passed legislation as Governor that  permanently banned semi-automatic assault rifles in Massachusetts and promised to maintain strict gun laws with this statement,  “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them,” he said during a gubernatorial debate. “I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety.”


The Case for a 3rd Party

If you only watch the mainstream media you may believe that there are only 2 candidates running for president. And that’s exactly the way they want it. The debates allow only 2 voices because they are 2 sides of the same coin. Imagine what the public would think if during a debate Candidate 1 said, “We need to stay at peace and continue giving foreign aid to countries”. Candidate 2 says, “We need to stop giving foreign aid and bomb these counties.” And Candidate 3 says, “We should stop giving foreign aid and stop bombing them.” What is one legitimate reason to only limit our choices to Coke or Pepsi when most people would actually prefer water if they knew that water was available? But water is not on the mainstream media’s menu. Republicans and Democrats have the same exact views on the macro-issues. I cannot understand why people are so against expanding their world view to include other points of view. Do people actually believe that republicans and democrats are the only 2 ways to view the world and, naturally, that the other team is wrong? The differences between the 2 major parties are only over issues like gay marriage which are blown way out of proportion and are used as a distraction to divide the people.

Gary Johnson, the candidate for the Libertarian Party, was a Republican Governor for 2 terms in New Mexico. He ran briefly in the Republican Primary this year. He is on the ballot for President in 47 states this year. The remaining 3, Pennsylvania Michigan and Oklahoma are under legal litigation right now by, guess who, the Republican Party. It’s true that he will not win the presidential election this year. How could he be expected to? He’s not even allowed in the debates despite being constitutionally eligible.

Campaign funding reimbursement is given to any party which receives 5% (he’s recently polled at 10% in Ohio when his name is included in the options) of the vote in the presidential election. This year it’s only republicans and democrats getting money to finance their campaigns. Voting for a 3rd party is not throwing your vote away, especially if it gives the party a chance of getting closer to a more level playing field.  Voting for what you believe in is not throwing your vote away. I see voting for someone solely because they have an (R) or a (D) next to their name as throwing your vote away. People have been against Mitt Romney since the beginning. People did not like his views during the primary and “anybody but Romney” was the cry from the republican party during the primaries. Why must everyone now support him? He was forced on to everyone and no one even questioned it. People who consider themselves as conservative republicans are throwing their support behind an anti-gun, pro-bailout, big spending moderate from the very liberal state of Massachusetts? Voting for the lesser of 2 evils every election leads to perpetual evil. Democrats blame Bush for the mess we’re in and Republicans blame Obama and no one can see that they run the exact same policies? Do our brains not work anymore? Coke and Pepsi are bad for your health. I’ll take the water.



No matter who wins this election things will not change. We will have big deficit spending, continuation of senseless and expensive wars, and destruction of our personal liberties. Mitt Romney will perpetuate the same policies that Obama has for the past 4 years which were perpetuated from the previous 8 years in the Bush administration. 12 of the 24 years of my life have been spent under endless war, deficit spending, and erosion of constitutional liberties. The next time you go through the radiation scanner at the airport with your legs spread and arms raised above your head ask yourself, is this the pose of a free man?” People who use fear tactics to scare someone into voting for someone else is called a demagogue and it’s a tactic used widely by politicians. If you are that worried about the future of this country (as you should be) why aren’t you converting some of your assets into silver and gold? Why aren’t you learning to grow more of your own food or collect your own water to combat rising food and commodity prices? Why aren’t you doing anything but watching Fox News and hoping and praying for things to get better? It is not the strongest or fittest that survive, it is the most adaptable to change. Become the change you wish to see.



The TSA has become one of the most reviled organizations in America today. Unlike other major issues that are currently causing America problems like the Federal Reserve or our interventionist foreign policy, the TSA is noticed by the common American whenever they fly.

The TSA would have you to believe that they are keeping us safe and have been able to convince many people of just that. While recently complaining about the vigorous pat-downs that I am subjected to occasionally while flying I was told in all sincerity that she is ok with those measures so that they can catch the bad guys too.

There is a pretty telling infographic that details just how inept and wasteful the TSA is. Among the many statistics listed a few stand out. First of all we should look at the cost. 60 billion dollars have been spent funding the TSA by the government and in case you forgot, when the government spends money it is spending your money. The infographic also how unsuccessful the TSA is at its job. Items are constantly being missed by ‘security’ including guns. Some will argue that since there have been over 25,000 security breaches as proof that we need even tighter restrictions by the TSA.

As I currently sit at my gate, meaning I’ve already passed through security once, they informed everyone at waiting for their plane that a TSA agent will be performing “random bag checks” while boarding the plane. The announcer then requests our complete understanding and cooperation. Perhaps even some TSA agents feel this is too intrusive even by their standards since TSA agents are being fired for not conducting enough of these random searches. They are also claiming the right to test food and drinks that have been purchased inside the terminal after already passing through security.

The TSA also is expanding away from only airport security/harassment. Busses in Houston had agents on them, in my best Elmer Fudd impression, being vewwy quiet hunting tewworwists. Except they weren’t being quiet about it and they most definitely weren’t catching terrorists. The good people of Houston demonstrated their disgust with this practice immediately. The TSA now also has agents at train stations as well.

It would be one thing if they were actually catching what Americans call “terrorists” but they aren’t. They are too busy assaulting the deaf, removing an 18 month old baby from a plane,  or patting down a 61 year old cancer survivor so hard that they ruptured his urostomy bag that he has to wear causing him and his clothes to be soaked in urine. This is just a few examples of TSA blunders. A Google search will yield many more atrocities. All in the name of stopping terrorists, right? I mean, they do still catch would-be terrorists don’t they?

Not quite. Remember the Underwear Bomber in 2009? He apparently had no trouble getting on the plane with his device. He also had no trouble getting onto the plane coming from Amsterdam without a passport. At JFK Airport in New York City a drunken jet-skier bypassed the 100 million dollar perimeter security system and walked right on to the runways and near the terminal. Granted, people will look at this is call it a failure of security and demand more extreme measures instead of seeing it for what it is. A failure of society in which we fear everything and the government declares only it can save us.

One airport has tossed out the TSA and has installed their own private security. At the San Francisco InternationalAirport the TSA has been sent packing in favor of a private security firm. Several other small airports have done this as well. In fact, the private security teams are doing a better job. More airlines have applied for privatizing security through the TSA but their requests have been neither accepted nor rejected. They have simply been ignored.

So, it is somehow now OK in America to be frisked at a whim? It is now acceptable for our young children and elderly people to be humiliated and put through invasive screening procedures? Not only is it ok but we are actually paying for it ourselves with our tax dollars?! All in the name of stopping terrorist right? Lets be serious, the TSA are the only terrorists still hanging out in airports.

The Latest Attempt To Turn America Into A Dictatorship

The Constitution of the United States is constantly being eroded by our government. It is no longer used as the framework of our government, but instead as a hinderance to politicians who seek nothing more than absolute power.

Unfortunately, large media corporations are too busy keeping Americans preoccupied with non-stories such as the marriage beliefs of the CEO of a chicken chain. While everyone in America was busy getting their Chick-fil-A sandwiches on Wednesday the House of Representitives passed the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act that was passed by the Senate in 2011.

The PESA, as in this bill PESAs on our checks and balances system, “eliminates the requirement of Senate approval of specified presidentially-appointed positions in federal agencies and departments.” This means the President of the United States now has the ability to appoint anyone he chooses to positions of power with zero Senate approval needed.

This goes along with several other examples of Executive branch overreach by issuing Executive Orders. Only this time, the House and Senate are willingly reliquishing their power to the Executive branch. All that is left for this bill to become law is for the President to sign it. I can’t imagine a veto occuring anytime soon.

So, let’s be serious. The President has already stepped beyond his power by appointing “Czars” at a whim, now he has the power to appoint anyone he chooses to already exisiting deparments and organizations at his discretion. Why would congress give unprecedented power to the President? Also, why hasn’t the media covered this at all? Even if you support Obama and would agree with his appointees, you may not feel so lucky when the next president has this power.